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ALF Summer 2014 Reflection

It’s hard to know where to begin, as the journey to this point has been a culmination of so much of who I am and what I am. Alas, this is intended to be a reflection on the first two weeks of ALF Summer 2014, and so I’ll try and keep my focus there. But first, allow me to back up just a bit.

Over the course of my life, I have been able to gain an understanding of my self and have learned to recognize my strengths and shortcomings. When I weigh it all out, I often conclude that my greatest strength – that is to say, what has taken me the furthest in life – is my intention and discernment in choosing the people I want to play with.

A big part of knowing who you want to play with is knowing what game you want to play. Since I can remember, and for reasons that are unknown, I have always had a strong internal value for honesty, openness, and love. My Truth is rooted in all things authentic, and that is what I’ve been chasing my whole life.┬áIt has brought me immense joy to help open up a space for all of us to experience ourselves deeply and to swim in these waters together – all in service of bringing forth that same powerful opportunity for children.

I wasn’t sure how far we would be able to get with each other in this three week experience. I was a little nervous that it would somehow feel incomplete when we were done. I think it may wind up feeling incomplete next week, but for much different reasons than I was originally concerned about.

I’m impressed with how much “material” we have covered in just two weeks – enough to satisfy my original estimations of what could be done. That all feels like a bonus, because much more important than the material are the relationships and the relatedness that have been created. I feel so energized waking up and coming to this space where authenticity is the goal, and where everyone is playing that infinite game together.

Though there is still a lot to cover and accomplish in the final week, if the intensive ended today I would see it as a monumental success. I have been so inspired by seeing how every single one of us has found a way to engage powerfully in this project and add tremendous value. I’m having a hard time finding words to express how grateful, impressed, and overwhelmed I am by how it has all taken shape – perhaps I should have chosen do a movement piece with Luc, Felicia, and Abe.

What’s possible?

My god, I feel like we are right in the thick of that question, and yet still somehow have only scratched the very surface of it.




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