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Snapshots from Aviv Moon

In week three of the summer camp a number of the ALFs were interviewed about Agile Learning Centers with the aim of developing a coherent narrative that could be shared with the world.  Aviv Moon had already produced a (very high quality) short piece on the Mosaic school and this was an opportunity to create something a little lengthier to speak of the shared vision and the growing network of ALCs.

I’m posting this, with some photos, for those who are curious about the video production.  

I felt privileged to be asked to speak of my experience and thoughts on the Agile Learning model.  It was pretty unexpected, I knew that Aviv Moon were doing recorded interviews of some of the more experienced ALFs, but I wasn’t expecting to be asked to give my thoughts.  The initial excitement left butterflies in my stomach which only increased once I arrived at the studios.

As someone who has worked with small video and editing studios, I was pretty impressed by the standard of their production, but was somehow caught off guard by just how professional their studio set-up was.  I poked my head around a few corners, while Bear was being interviewed, only to psych myself out a little bit when the my own interview came up.

There was an isolated live feed room (pictured) as well as a ‘viewing room’ which had lush seating and a massive digital video projection, complete with state of the art cinema sound system (also delivering the live feed).

When it came for my time to be interviewed I was more than a little self-conscious.  I’ve been on the other side of the camera much more often.  The interviewer was very supportive though, and I knew that I could just ‘retake’ my answers if I felt like anything was too forced.  There is always the fear that you will be quoted out of context, after all.  Speaking to Drew about this he told me a funny story about being (mis)-quoted/mis-represented by Bloomberg Newsweek on the Occupy movement.  Hearing this story actually relieved my anxiety because I know that the difference is that we will still have some input into what goes into the final edit.

I think that I fairly honestly answered the questions that were asked, the focus seemed to be on what I think is the international potential for the ALC network.  I’m having nightmares about how I ‘qualified’ my answers in terms of this being an idea that is ready to take off in the ‘West’.  I still think that, but I hope this doesn’t come across as me saying that the teaching/learning methods couldn’t equally work well in say, China or India.  I just think that the wider culture of liberalism will be more conducive to accepting the premises in the first place.

All in all, I just hope that I said something of value.  Certainly the experience itself was valuable.  I can’t wait to see what ends up in the video.


Also, here’s a post script apology to anyone wondering about my t-shirt.  There is a story behind that, but basically it was a comical accident.  The t-shirt has a super-hero-ified cartoon picture of STALIN (with his name, for good measure).  As you may recall, Luc and I were staying in a house without running water for a few days.  So my laundry pile was a little, heavy.  Vic gave me the t-shirt before she left.  It’s hers! not mine! lol.

Vic was in a band in China called “Stalin Gardens” (always loved that name – is ‘gardens’ a verb or a noun?).  Someone had given her the t-shirt as a result of this.

Anyway, I think that we got enough humor out of the t-shirt before I went into the interview that it was decided that to change it (into what?) would be counter-productive.  After all, what else are we going to feed to the internet trolls?

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