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Agile Book Club, anyone?

I’d like to write articles about books that are relevant to our community and the Agile Learning movement in general. I’m not sure of the best place to put such book reviews is, so I’m posting this to the ALF Summer 2014.

I’m wondering aloud whether I’m recording my thoughts for posterity (shareable value); calling for an audience to discuss some of the pressing issues; or hoping that some sort of ‘agile book club’ might emerge.  This last thought is something I’d love to see develop: any takers?

Before I go on, I’d like to explain myself a little bit further, though it’s probably a familiar experience to those of you who love to read as much as I do.

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Snapshots from Aviv Moon

In week three of the summer camp a number of the ALFs were interviewed about Agile Learning Centers with the aim of developing a coherent narrative that could be shared with the world.  Aviv Moon had already produced a (very high quality) short piece on the Mosaic school and this was an opportunity to create something a little lengthier to speak of the shared vision and the growing network of ALCs.

I’m posting this, with some photos, for those who are curious about the video production.   Read more

Dance Like Jagger

During the ALF Summer Camp a group of students organize amongst themselves to devise and choreograph this dance piece.  It was performed a number of times so that the whole community could enjoy it.  These “got the moves like jagger”.

Here’s my handheld iphone video of one of the performances.

Dance like Jagger


Why I’m in love with the Agile Learning Model

(Abram’s pre-ALF BIO)

It’s the last day of camp and it seems like a time for reflections.  Over the coming weeks, I intend to ‘chew over’ and integrate a lot of the material that we’ve worked on and the experiences we’ve shared.

Right now, I’d like to share with the community the biographical statement that I submitted before coming to the ALF Summer Intensive.  Many would have already seen this in the Google Doc, but I wanted to post it here too, for posterity (within our community).

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Abe’s Reflection on ALF Summer Week 2

After two weeks of the Agile Learning Facilitator (ALF) Summer Intensive, I’ve finally found time to reflect on some of my experiences.  Ever since I truly began my self-directed learning journey, I’ve been asking myself: why did I have to wait until I was in my twenties before I could feel responsible for making the decisions in my own life?

The challenge for me this week was taking time to step back and notice, and to trust that, despite the difficult moments, IT really works.

I don’t know of, have never experienced, another model of learning-teaching where I could do as little (content) preparation and still feel overwhelmed with the level of engagement/enthusiasm, or the quality of the relationships being developed. From previous/formal study of pedagogy you might call this: seeking and following ‘teachable moments’. Read more