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The ALFs

I <3

Hearing Tomis sing and play guitar
Watching Nancy get on the floor and play with kids
Listening to Arthur wax poetic about fascinating ideas
Watching Dean interact with kids so thoughtfully and respectfully
Seeing Felicia bring out the wild in the quiet kids and the quiet in the wild ones
Hearing Dan turn everything into an opportunity to learn something about science or the world
Looking at Drew’s intricate doodles
Seeing Abe genuinely get excited about all the kids ideas
Watching Charlotte be a friend to everyone
Seeing Elaine intently confer with kids on their writing projects
Hearing Luc always checking in on how people are feeling
Seeing Ryan demonstrate strength in love
Watching Bear savor every little thing
Seeing Leigh jump into everything to make things happen
Listening to Sarah wholeheartedly share her gifts with everyone

To infinity… and beyond

During the ALF intensive, we have really been living the ideas we have been discussing. We have created and adjusted a culture together to make it work best for us. During this time I have seen first-hand the power of allowing individuals to work freely within their preferred medium and according to their interests. In this eclectic group of people we have been able to create so much and have developed strong working relationships with each other. Where the first week involved a lot of talking through ideas and concepts, the second week provided us with the opportunity to see the practical application of those concepts. I am excited by the possibilities that have been opened during this training, and I’m ready to play infinitely as we move ahead!